The Winter King

What's Behind Door #1?

Waking slowly, the party steps forth from the dog pen and is faced with a grotesque scene. The wolves and barbarian that they had defeated the day before lay frozen on the floor. the warm fires had gone out, and the room was covered in a thick layer of frost, stamping against the cold, thy began inspecting the two doors that left the room. “This one is the closest route to the throne room,” Marko states as he indicates the westernmost door, “but I don’t know what we will face. This frozen tomb was cold and empty when I was here last.”

Listening at the door, they hear the faintest sounds of words and movement, at the very edge of hearing. Xanthe inspects the door, and is able to cleanly pick the lock with ease. The door opens into a dark hallway. Bob casts a light from his staff, and the party advances quietly up the hallway, which opens into an ancient dining room. Two large wooden tables stand in the center of the room and stairs lead up to a room to the north. to the east, a passage opens up into the unknown. Xanthe peers cautiously about, looking for traps. Clearly this room has lain abandoned for decades, if not centuries. A faint light is visible from the northern stairs, and Duric raises his head in recognition as dwarven voices filter down to them, grumbling about the cold and lack of food. as the party continue to inspect the room, footsteps are heard approaching from the hallway to the west! Looking down the hallway, a large group of tieflings and humans appear down the hallway. Shouting alarm, they attack!

Bob quickly casts shock sphere which causes two of the tieflings to crumple. Duric charges forward and attacks a third, bringing his life to an end quickly with a hammer smash to the face. Another gnome, this one male, tosses a dagger towards Archimedes which misses, then he disappears completely. Marko, with new-found courage, charges forward and stabs one human guard with his short sword. Archimedes wades in with his axe and begans to clear the path. as the party begins to quickly gain the upper hand, the gnome reappears right in front of Bob, stabbing him swiftly with his short sword. Duric and Elena rush to Bob’s aid, quickly dispatching the gnome spy. One human guard manages to escape down the hallway, turning to the left and his footsteps swiftly recede into the dark and quiet.

Not done yet…



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